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Hotel-restaurant complex "Myslyvskyj Dvir"
  • Working time

    Working time


    spa-foto-reklamaSpa-centre "Myslyvskyj Dvir"



    from 10 AM to 10 PM

    *Dear guests, our Spa-centre offers the service of "VIP-rent", so please booking before you go to the Spa by phone 044-507-13-29 or On-line


    ** On page site Spa in real time You can see how many guests is the Spa at this moment (updated every half an hour)


    VISIT 3D tour of the SPA!

  • Price of the Spa-centre

    Price of the Spa-centre

    Spa-centre "Myslyvskyj Dvir" is open
    from Monday to Saturday: from 10:00 to 22:00
    on Sundayfrom 10:00 to 19:00

    1 hour visit costs 180 UAH.,
    2 hour - 256 UAH.
    3 hours - 336 UAH.
    Children up to 5 years, accompanied by their parents, visit the Spa centre free of charge.
    Children up to 10 years old 80 UAH/1 hour
  • VIP - rent

    VIP - rent

    VIP-rent the Spa-center*



    "VIP" (rent up to 10 people)

    4584 UAH./3 hours
    "VIP+" (rent more than 10 people)

    4584 UAH./3 hours


    "Night" from 22:00 to 24:00 (till 10 people)

    4284 UAH./2 hours



    * VIP service -rent the entire complex is available with full prepayment not less than a day.

  • Massage services

    Massage services

    1-3The human body densely covered with muscles and that they accumulated tension. Massage is a unique tool, not only for the relief and prevention of many diseases: muscle spasms, degenerative disc disease, neuralgia, migraine.
    Massage restores damaged tissues, enhances blood circulation, reduces swelling, and harmonizes the tone of the nervous system, stimulates the activity of internal organs.
    Making the massage after a visit to the Hamam, Finnish sauna or infrared sauna, You repeatedly increase the therapeutic effect of massage. 

    Classic massage 60 min - 450 UAH.

    Anti-cellulite massage 60 min - 650 UAH.

    Lymphatic drainage massage 60 min - 650 UAH.

  • Prices for peels and wraps

    Prices for peels and wraps

    Exfoliationand body wrapsare performedin the Hammam.

    At the timeof the procedure Hamam is closed to the public.


    Peeling Soap, coffee 40 min 355 UAH
      Honey-coffee-salt 40 min 420 UAH
    Massage-peeling Soap 60 min 410 UAH
      Honey and salt 60 min 450 UAH
      Honey-coffee 60 min 450 UAH
    Chocolate wrap 60 min 500 UAH
    (includes peeling soap)