SPA center: will make you healthier and happier!

SPA center: will make you healthier and happier!

The active life in the modern metropolis is fine, but in order to successfully deal with urgent matters and concerns one needs to rest and restore vitality. The best solution for this is to visit a SPA center. Here you will not only restore your life energy, but also rejuvenate your body and will find the harmony and peace of mind.

SPA center «Myslyvskyj Dvir» was opened in 2010 on the basis of the eponymous hotel-restaurant complex and located in the park Partisanskoji Slavy, Left Bank of Kiev.

SPA facilities designed for the simultaneous attendance of 15-20 people. All here foster to improve your mood and health: - dedicated staff, the use of sustainable materials in the interior, and as a result - a cozy atmosphere of untouched nature.

At your service are Russian, Turkish (hamam) and Japanese (o'furo) baths, and also infrared sauna, which have different humidity and temperature settings to suit your preferences. You will dive into the mysterious and magical world that will distract you from everyday life, will take away all the negativity that had accumulated in the hustle and bustle of city life and heal the body.

Russian bath
has high air humidity; - here the body is heated up by the steam. Hot steam in the Russian bath speeds up body metabolism and opens up skin pores, those clearing the body of toxins, while accelerated blood circulation has a therapeutic effect on the internal organs.

Turkish bath (hamam)
differs by moderate temperature (30 to 55 degrees Celsius) and likely to appeal to people who cannot tolerate high temperatures. Turkish bath - is primarily for a body and nervous system relaxation, due to a relaxing procedures and gradual transitions from low to high temperatures.

Japanese bath (o'furo)
stands apart from the other baths. Thus, the strength of this bath is not in the hot air but in a hot water heated to a temperature of 45 degrees Celsius.

Infrared sauna
– it’s a patented achievement of our time, thanks to which you will not only feel pleasure, but also will have a great therapeutic effect for the entire body. In a matter of minutes, all your organs will work better due to the targeted influence of infrared rays.

The SPA center suggest you to dive into the world of virtuous nature by visiting the natural salt room - 20 tons of Crimean salt, here you will get the natural boost of energy, because the salt caves has long been famous for their healing properties.

Soft turbo-solarium in the short time will give you an even tan, thanks to the optimal soft-UV ime turbo  toasure, but also toclearing impact.

For those who want to truly relax, the SPA center offers healing massage by sensitive hands of masters providing spinal health treatments and improving blood circulation.

In the SPA center you will give yourself the pleasure of swimming. The large swimming pool has water heating system and equipped with a counter flow stream and a waterfall, which augment the effect of water on the muscles and the body in general.

At your service is also cold water swimming pool and ice-cold water tub for contrasting procedures, and in the Jacuzzi you will be able to experience the magnificence of hydro massage.

After a full range of treatments you will be able to enjoy socializing with friends over a sip of herbal tea.

More and more people are choosing wonderful world of SPA, in which the skills of professionals connected with the forces of nature - making our lives more beautiful.

Don’t be lazy to love yourself - that's the secret of good decisions.