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Hotel-restaurant complex "Myslyvskyj Dvir"

«Myslyvskyj Dvir» - a healthy holiday with gourmet dining

«Myslyvskyj Dvir» - a healthy holiday with gourmet dining

A weekend in the country, on the other side of the endless traffic jams, the flow of hurrying people, office hectic activity – is it not the dream of the modern inhabitants of the metropolis? Exhausted by the city bustle, they, even for a few days, dream to get out not simply into the park, but on vacation surrounded by an ancient forest and be sure not far from Kiev, and best of all in Kiev.

It would seem impossible to find such a place. But who seeks will always find! One of the most exciting restaurant and hotel complexes of the capital of Ukraine: - «Myslyvskyj Dvir». Every guest will find something interesting here. However, the main advantage, according to many very different clients - good location (in the forest, but in Kiev). And, of course, great service in a hunting house style restaurant with delicious cuisine and cozy hotel.

This great place is located in the Park Partysanskoji Slavy, on the left bank of Kiev, near Kharkivske highway. The «Myslyvskyj Dvir» itself is located among ancient pine trees, which fragrance creates nice and relaxing atmosphere.

As already mentioned, the hotel has three stars rating, however, once in the «Myslyvskyj Dvir» this cannot be said, because of all the visible signs he can honestly and proudly wear the title of "four"! The cost of living is very reasonable: a luxury Swiss-style room would cost about a thousand hryvnia’s (per day). By the way, this price includes breakfast and a two-hour visit to the spa. Also it is worth noting that all of these rooms have their own exclusive design. For example, there is a Japanese-style room, but especially intriguing looks "African" style room, which will appeal to all couples in love. First of all, because it looks like a cave, the walls of which are covered by intriguing "rock" drawings that show the intimate life of the tribes.

The healing caves

The spa-center is located in the same building with the complex. Every guest will find something for themself that their heart desires. After all, there is a Russian bath, Finnish steam room, steam bath, infrared sauna, the Japanese bath o-furo and a pool of cold water. There is also a large swimming pool with waterfall and counter flow stream (t-25-27C).

For those who have had enough of water treatments, there is a real salt cave, where the walls are covered with Crimean salt, known for its healing properties. Here, time flies over a cup of herbal tea.

After all water treatments you can have a massage therapy provided by the guru in this area. Our massage therapist possesses professional techniques of relaxation and also therapeutic massages.

But delicious meal always compliments a good day off! The resort has several banquet rooms and a restaurant. The latter should be noted. Guests are met at the entrance of the restaurant by… a large and very beautiful bear named Gleb. Bear as if beckoning you to visit this upper room. The restaurant hall itself is styled as hunting grounds: in the corners are stuffed wild boars, and the walls are decorated by differently sized and branched real dear horns. Two watchful hawks guard the bar. Guests are treated here to dishes worthy of the highest praise. The salad "Fitness" itself is worth many words - the name is sporty, but the taste is simply divine, vegetarians and those who fasting will be sure to appreciate it.

You probably would not find anywhere in Kiev’s restaurants such a tender meat dishes as in a «Myslyvskyj Dvir». The secret is that it is prepared in the national Uzbek furnace with intricate name tandyr. The restaurant has three of such furnaces and they are all made-to-order in Uzbekistan and delivered by a charter flight to Ukraine. By the way, the restaurant serves exclusively Ukrainian producers meat - that is why it is always fresh and full of flavorful, with a rich taste. So to say it is fresh from the field!

Desserts from the chef are worth of many kind words, this is not just delicious; it's fabulously delicious cakes, pies, sweets. And such tiramisu as here you can probably find only in Italy! Top of the culinary arts of this wizard of sweets are rightly regarded cakes to order. On the one hand, they are delicious mini picture or a copy of what the customer wants, for example, the castle cake, car or toy cake, on the other hand - these cakes just incredibly tasty.

Welcome to «Myslyvskyj Dvir».

The author: Irina I., our regular guest.

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