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Hotel-restaurant complex "Myslyvskyj Dvir"
  • Booking the best date for the Christmas party!

    Booking the best date for the Christmas party!

    To book the best date for new year corporate party of Your company! The Banquet Manager will answer all your questions from 10 am to10 pm - 7 days a week! Art- Director Antonina organizes the show with any budget!


  • New Year 2018

    New Year 2018


  • New Year 2018

    New Year 2018


  • New Year 2018

    New Year 2018


  • Loyalty program

    Loyalty program

    RESTAURANT«Myslyvskyj Dvir»

    The owner of a bonus card can be one without limits!

    The advantages of the bonus system of the restaurant «Myslyvskyj Dvir» - «spend more - the more you save»:


    You are the owner of a universal card that increases Your accumulation depending on the account:

    up to 500 UAH. - 5% of the invoice amount
    from 501 UAH. up to 3000 USD - 10% of the invoice amount
    from 3001 UAH. up to 5000 UAH. - 15% of the invoice amount
    from 5001 UAH. and more - 20% of the invoice amount


    Pay bonuses can be for all services and products provided by the restaurant at a rate of 1 bonus=1 UAH., but not more than 40% of the invoice amount.

    Bonuses are accrued on the next day and are valid for 12 months. from the day of their accrual.
    The bonus card is valid for groups of up to 10 people

    SPA HOTEL «Myslyvskyj Dvir»


    Participant of the loyalty program of the Spa hotel «Myslyvskyj Dvir» 3* you can be absolutely free, on first arrival at the hotel by filling in the registration form.


    1. Bonuses are charged for all services paid You during your stay (accommodation, restaurant, mini bar, Laundry, Ironing, SPA-center) closed on Your room rate of 5% of the bill.
    2. In the program of calculation of bonuses can participate no more than 2 rooms, paid by the guest personally, one-time settlement.
    3. You can increase the percentage of the bonus up to 10% at the accumulation of 2000 points. If You choose to transition to the second level, previously accrued bonuses will be written off automatically.
    4. You can increase the percentage of the bonus to 15% and accumulation on the second level of 3,000 bonus, You can go to level III, previously accrued bonuses will be written off automatically.
    5. Guests, who have not resided in the hotel for 24 months are automatically excluded from the loyalty program.
    6. Participation in the program cannot be combined with other discounts and special offers complex, more complete information about the services included in the program, You can get upon arrival at the hotel.


    1. At accumulation of bonuses of 1 night stay You can exchange them for accommodation. (Exchange rate 1 bonus=1 UAH.).
    2. Raise the category of the room, please inform us of Your intention when booking.
    3. Pay bonuses early check in and late check-out service is available only at presence of vacant rooms.
    4. Pay bonuses services of restaurant, Spa-center, mini bar, Laundry, Ironing.

    * the loyalty program take part only individuals who have made a booking via this website or directly through the reception of your hotel. Persons who have booked through third party sites, travel agencies or resident corporate rates in the loyalty program do not participate. Loyalty program do not apply to catering for banquets and conferences.

    SPA CENTRE «Myslyvskyj Dvir»

    Dear Lord, please, pay attention that with 20 August 2013 discount card of the complex of the Spa not apply:
    since the Spa is entered private flexible system of discounts, which allow the permanent clients to save significant amounts of money.

    The PRICE at the SPA centre.

  • New year 2017

    New year 2017

  • Bonuses and discounts for just married

    Bonuses and discounts for just married

    svadba_01Hotel-restaurant complex "Myslyvskyj Dvir" has the ability and experience of weddings, small wedding parties, to large-scale wedding banquets. For just married restaurant "MD" offers banquets for any budget and taste preferences. Banquet calculator helps You easily and quickly to make preliminary calculation of Your celebration. Ordering the wedding Banquet in excess of 20 000 UAH. just married receive a Suite in a gift.

    Restaurant "MD" gives the for just married a 20% discount on the celebration of the 2 day of the wedding.

    In the lobby there is a possibility of conducting exit the ceremony.

    The recommendations of the professional administrators of the restaurant "MD" will help You to easily determine the choice of the musical accompaniment, florists.