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Hotel-restaurant complex "Myslyvskyj Dvir"

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    A weekend in the country, on the other side of the endless traffic jams, the flow of hurrying people, office hectic activity – is it not the dream of the modern inhabitants of the metropolis? Exhausted by the city bustle, they, even for a few days, dream to get out not simply into the park, but on vacation surrounded by an ancient forest and be sure not far from Kiev, and best of all in K...

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  • Restaurant

    Restaurant «Myslyvskyj Dvir» on the basis of the eponymous hotel and restaurant complex is designed to satiate customers. In this case, not only satiate with the tasty and healthy menu, but pleasant experiences, beneficial pine forest air, beauty of the nature and cozy colorful interior. Not many restaurants in Kiev can offer such hospitality.


    If you have decided to go on a business trip to the capital of Ukraine, or to visit historical and cultural attractions, or just relax?Then you will make the right choice by staying at a spa hotel «Myslyvskyj Dvir» 3 *


    The active life in the modern metropolis is fine, but in order to successfully deal with urgent matters and concerns one needs to rest and restore vitality.

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